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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 7, 2019 5:00am-5:58am PST

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right now at 5:00, up in smoke. amid ongoing health concerns flavored vape products could be banned. the lung injuries and concerns from parents. plus -- >> i knew i only had a couple seconds. i heard the train. i felt the vibration on the rails coming. >> a remarkable rescue on the b.a.r.t. tracks. for the first time the man who fell from the platform shares his story as a major honor is planned for the worker who pulled him to safety. and fogged in. a live look outside in oakland where visibility is low this morning. look at that. we're tracking how long it will stick around. "today in the bay" continues > a a gth. i'm march cause waus washington.
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>> and i'm laura garcia. amaze to go hear from the guy who fell on the tracks. >> that video everyone is talking about it. look, boom, pulled himp tt trai n comvideo. >> it's like a guardian angel. we'll hear more in a bit. first, this fog. that's really pretty bad this morning especially for people just trying to get out and get started with the day. if we can't get rain at least we have fog starting out to provide moisture in the air. not as thick as we travel into dublin. that's a look at your ride this morning with temperatures in the low 40s. still a chilly start. sunshine and warming temperatures for the afternoon. now, mike, you have the fog and the car fire.f san rafael and 101 we've had all morning.
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starting to clear up a bit. the clouds continue to drift through. you see all the way in through the north bay. the early commute will be affected by tougher visibility. the car fire reopened one lane. we have another incident over in brentwood. the bigger commute closer to the bay. a smooth drive but, again, watch out for the dense fog creeping all the way around the bay. back to you. >> watch out for this as well. new this morning more than 2 million pounds of chicken is being recalled. usda says it might be contaminated with, quote,eria specifically metal. the chicken was shipped to restaurants, schools and hospitals in california and seven other states. the recalls include whole chicken, chicken legs and wings. well,san francisco voters
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this week overwhelmingly showed support for the city ban on vaping products. it looks like a federal ban may kick in sooner. why a federal ban may move forward so quickly. sharon? >> reporter: marcus, the focus here in the city has been on prop c supported by juul labs, but that failed on tuesday so the ban will go into effect in january. at the federal level president trump last september with federal health officials announced there would be a ban on e-cigarettes. that came after dozens of death related products. >> people think vaping is wonderful and great. it's really not wonderful. that's one thing i think we can say definitely, commissioner. it's not a wonderful thing. it has big problems. we have to find out the extent of the problem. >> reporter: "usa today" says
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white house adviser kellyanne conway said announcements are coming soon which would ban flavored e-cigarettes with possibly the exception of mint flavor and the target would be to ban them from convenience stores. health advocates says mint should also be banned. so if the federal ban is announced soon, then this could go into effect before the end of the year. >> there will be a lot of talk. we know just as many if not more people are concerned about the dangers from it. we'll see, sharon. thank you. 5:04. this morning for the first time we are hearing from the man who was nearly hit before a last second rescue. >> bob redell live for us. a lot of people can't stop
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watching this video. pretty elh almost run over by that train. jackson was on the coliseum b.a.r.t. platform. as you can see in the video jackson leaned over to see how far away the train was when he tells us he lost his balance and fell on the tracks. he tried to jump back up, but the platform was too high. that's when supervisor john o'connor grabbed him by the arm and pulled him to safety. it was sus a close call he tells us he could feel the rush of air as o'connor dragged him back up on the platform. >> that was god looking over me. i had an angel that day. very blessed to be here. >> he put himself in danger to help another person.
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he's my hero. >> reporter: jackson went to a local hospital, was promptly released. he decided to spend a couple hundred dollars on an uber ride back to his home outside sacramento because he was so rattled by the whole experience. tonight the raid letters hoers o'connor. in fremont, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> it was so close. amazing to see. >> like he said, anel watching over him. 5:06. more than 24 hours after election night still no winner in the district attorney's race. still too close to call. they're still tabulating the ranked choice vote. suzy loftus is neck and neck with chesa boudn. fallout off a supervisor's anger directed at the san francisco's police officers association t.
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happened during an election night party for candidate chesa boudin. captured on video leading a vulgar chant. she accuses the poa of trying to buy the district attorney's race of funding ads. the poa president says while she is entitled to her opinion the chant is an attack on the department. >> they're hurt by her language. for her inciting and fueling anger to law enforcement out there is dangerous. >> she did not make herself available for comment but apologized to the rank and file and says her husband was a police officer and she respects the job. she made it clear she's not apologizing to the poa say iing their attempt to influence t costa judge to be removed from the bench following several instancesmisconduct. they found the judge made multiple offensive remarks to women over several decades.
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they also say that he improperly treated defendants during his tenure. they said a factor was his lack of candor during a disciplinary hearing. his lawyer says he will appeal the decision to the california supreme court. in a few hours a man accused of shooting out security cameras at two san jose schools is due in court. police say nicholas o'connor fired at cameras at willow glen high school in 2017. and while out on bail they say that he was arrested last year for allegedly trying to buy and build a gun in utah. probation and sentencing hearing is scheduled for this morning. north bay voters will weigh in on extending a sales tax to cover the cost to build out smart commuter service. voters approved the tax and it helped fund the first phase of smart train serv measure was ap the march primary ballot.
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if approved it would renew the tax through the year 2059 and go to building additional rail lines. a follow-up for you as many people of the commercial dungeoness crab season. it has nothing to do with the crab and with migrating wells. fish and wildlife are allowed to press pause if whales are still passing through waters. that concern is entanglement in the crab nets. instead of november 15th the new date is november 22nd. >> they sell that crab on the wharf. one bay area city called one of the world's most beautiful even though most of us already know the secret. san francisco is named among the top ten beautiful cities. only one other, new york, made the top ten. the big apple came in second and the number one spot to paris,
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the city of lights. very nice. >> not looking at right now weather but the weather across the bay is factored in, too. >> we like when the fog is across the bridge and those iconic shots. we're starting out with fog but it's thicker than we like and it's even making it to the south bay. just a heads-up as you get ready for your morning drive. we'll see temperatures in the low 50s. we still have a cool start but we warm up today a lot of sunshine in our afternoon forecast looking at our micro climate reaching into the 60s and 70s today well above normal temperatures. and, mike, you are saying the fog may complicate traffic reports. >> at least for me,kari. we see the san mateo bridge, as kari said, the fog creeping around the bay and creating a curtain under the lights here.
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you can't see the high rise, or the smoke near a car fire or a brush fire 880 south of 92. crews will be extra long getting to the area. much denser fog here. tougher to see anywhere north of the san mateo bridge to the north bay. back to you. thanks, mike. coming up next on "today in the bay," family members sharing their sorrow. >> i heard about what was going on with my brother and his family and my cousins and i just had to take --ou through. what they're going >> the search for suspects as
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good thursday morning right now at 5:14. this is our view in fremont. you can barely see anything and you can at least see the headlights going up i-880.
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we're having to deal with low visibility this morning and fog. we'll see this for a few more hours before it all clears out. sunshine and quickly warming temperatures. we're headed into another nice day. i'll show that you and some rain chances in our forecast in less than five minutes. times are fine but highway 37 will see slowing. a car fire, also, and a sig alert issued. we're talking about fog this morning. good morning. a very happy thursday to you. now visa, which used to be based back to san sco but moved francisco. deral prosecutors say two twitter employees were spying for saudi arabia. accessing people's accounts to help the kingdom's intelligence services. neither currently works at
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twitter, one arrested in seattle and the other was not. he's in saudi arabia. javier beccera is letting us into the complaints of facebook not turning over documents. california has been very, very secretive about its investigation into high tech. he was noticeably absent in september when a number of the nation's attorneys announced their own investigation. i said at the time it wasn't because california wasn't interested. it was likely because california was already ahead of them. here's the california attorney general on wednesday. >> how do you know what we are and are not doing? the only thing we can tell you we had to file this petition because we weren't getting the responses weele lawfully. to re
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goggle is reconsidering the way it handles political ads. the reach includes youtube. we'll keep an eye on this. the commerce department says california is once again the largest -- the fifth largest economy in the world, replacing great britain. this is partly because california is so amazing and partly because great britain took aim and pulled the trigger. this puts us above france, way above canada, way, way, way above russia. germany. they're about a billion ahead of us which would be a huge increase. we'll get there. >> thank you, starbucks debuts its annual cupho bring them bac will get 50 cents off the grande
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size today through january 7. the deal is only good after 2:00 p.m. after 2:00 p.m.? so today, also, signals the return of five seasonal beverages, peppermint mocha and egg eggnog latte. wallet hub has compiled a list of what they say are the best places to go that won't break the bank. the top 100 cities on several metrics including the cost of thanksgiving dinner, share of delayed flights and weather. topping the list st. paul, nn folwed orlando and denver. >> okay. i have a couple questions. >> we'll get to your questions in a bit. right now we're talk about hbo. trying to appeal to a certain the hbo box. you may remember hbo was
5:19 am
originally called home box office. so maybe it's full circle. the box allows you to watch a device or computer alone in bed specifically in a college dorm room you share with a roommate who is sleeping in the next bed. it has air holes -- it's literally a box, a shelf inside and a cutout for your legs. and we're serious. you have to pack your ear buds. it's only for college students. >> anti-social maybe? >> get out of bed. >> i need that for my kids to do their homework. don't put the hbo in. >> live in your own little world literally. >> i remember that, my friend was one of the firsteo cable --d there was a switch. turned it on and weep waited for that
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>> we talk about socializing but then we give you a box. >> let's get to the forecast. we have a lot of fog to talk about this morning and now the national weather service is putting out a dense fog advisory including santa rosa and napa. you can see visibility to a quarter of a mile but check out san martine. visibility is zero. so the fog continues to drift around. make sure you are allowing extr san rafael as drivers are heading through. we'll start out at 46 degrees and going from 46 to 56 and then up to 66. so you see how fast it warms up today reaching into the upper 70s. in palo alto a high of 72.
5:21 am
san francisco in the mid-60s. our raiders game this evening. "thursday night football." we have some perfect conditions. by the middle of the afternoon in the 60s. it does cool off fairly quickly. at kickoff we're at 62 and then 58 degrees at halftime. we've seen this pattern of temperatures starting out cool, warming up, cooling down and some very dry conditions during the middle of the day. this high pressure is partly to blame for that as we get a dry northerly wind. it looks like the high pressure moves far enough away to allow for rain next friday possibly into saturday fairly quickly. it's nice to at least see a change in pattern. well above normal temperatures and once again we'll be tracking
5:22 am
that rain after next wednesday. mike, it's a foggy drive. >> we're looking at palo alto. we'll notice that's why you don't use your high setting on your beams for headlights. it will make it tougher to see. just a note. light traffic. you see how the fog creeps all around the bay. over here we have a car that went off the roadway for 680 around berryessa. 280 at 17. it's just an issue with low visibility. you need to slow things down. stay on the roads westbound near atherton. county and in no highway 37 a crash. one lane is blocked. you'll have fog and traffic is start to go sling to slow. over at the bay bridge we do have fog and the build here.
5:23 am
highway 41 affected by a crash just clearing now. about a 15-minute delay. nbc bay area wazers will help you out. under investigation next on "today in the bay," the latest on the false hijacking alarm set off at a major international airport. two stars fighting back against misleading ads.
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today marks one year since the shooting rampage that killed 12 people in a crowded southern california bar. mourners will hold a dedication ceremony for those who died at the borderline bar and grill at thousand oaks. it happened in the middle of the bar's popular college country night. one year later and they're not
5:26 am
sure what september the gunman over the edge. >> some of the nine americans killed in the drug cartel ambush near the u.s./mexico border, those funerals are being held in a remote mexico community where those victims lived. they were all traveling in a convoy on monday when a gunman opened fire. five siblings whonow sn an ariz. police did arrest a suspect yesterday but now victims' family members in the u.s. wonder if maybe it's time for relatives to relocate. >> yeah, how do you deal with drug violence? how do you do that? you get away from it. >> many of the 300 people who live in the community are part of a mormon offshoot. many also have dual citizenship. it is 5:26. an investigation is now under way into the false hijacking alarm that triggered a security lockdown at one of your busiest airports.
5:27 am
operations are back to normal now in amsterdam. but yesterday's false alarm forced them from a madrid-bound flight. the airline says the pilot accidentally sent out a hijacking alert. two big stars are battling back against comes that use celebrities names and photos to create fake endorsements. a lawsuit is being filed by sandra bullock and ellen degeneres for the unauthorized use of their n scammers online change company names so quickly it's not even clear who they are. 5:27 right now. a peninsula neighborhood on high alert. up next on "today in the bay," the right through one quiet neighborhood. plus, new numbers revealing the rate of shootings at airbnb locations across the u.s. a live report how the company is reondinghis morning. you know when you're at ross and your new fall look
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everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. welcome to thursday morning, friday eve or friday junior even. a very foggy start across the bay area today as you can see our multiple looks good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. let's get over to the person who knows what we can expect from the weather, meteorologist kari hall. >> looks likending in front of a blank screen but this is our oakland camera and the visibility is so poor right now. there is a dense fog advisory in effect for parts of the bay area and maybe this is your best tra head out to fruitvale. we'll see the fog lingering for the next several hours.
5:31 am
and then we'll warm things up once we get sunshine and skies clearing reaching up to 69 degrees. upper 70s for the inland valleys and the north bay reaching up to 80 in ukiah. mike, you have a traffic alert. >> it's an issue for the north bay, early commuters. really jamming up. the car fire report ed at harbo. today a car fire and crews areb. you notice the yellow highlighting. i had to keep it clear for clarity but showing you w realls the bay. u fog drifting around as well, laura. we know that. back to you. just in to our newsroom, video that seems to back it up.
5:32 am
footage of a mountain lion makeses its way through someone's backyard and jumping over a fence. a neighbor's ring camera captured the scene near the high school. police say if you see a mountain lion call 911. a deadly halloween shooting at a house party in orinda is raising new questions about violence tied to short term rental units. the five victims are amongst 17 people who died in or outside airbnb rentals. kris sanchez joins us live with a closer look at the statistics. how is airbnb responding to all ofshoong at that orinda party at an airbnb rental is by far the most violent incident but there have been five shootings in california alone over the last six months, 42 people were shot in or outside airbnb rentals in
5:33 am
the last six months. in all 17 people shot and killed. that's 23 different shootings in 12 states. the "san francisco chronicle" compiled the stats because there is no database. orinda police are still looking for the gunman in the halloween night shooting. they are asking for a temporary ban on short term rentals. they are pledging to end vifyig the 7 million properties listed on the site. >> we're going to make sure we can stand behind every listing, every host to make sure every listing is accurate, the information is accurate. >> repairbnb is committing to manual reviews of high-risk rentals or rentals that kind of raise a flag with their algorithm and are creating a 24/7 hotline for neighbors to call in when they see trouble at
5:34 am
short term rentals like airbnb. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> really good to see something being done with this, thank you. 5:34 right now. firefighters have fully contained the kincade wildfire a full two weeks after it started. in all the fire burned 374 buildings including 174 homes. four firefighters were hurt. no homes were destroyed in windsor. town leaders a getting back to work. residents had good reason to thank the town for their good fortune at the first city council meeting since the fire erupted. an entire group of people who never made it in front of the microphone and are hiding in the back, and they saved us. >> it's like a goal line stance. it was just a miracle. incredible.
5:35 am
>> town officials say windsor is open for business and a concert is scheduled to happen november 16th. nearly three years after the deadly ghostship warehouse fire state regulators will release the electrical records. a jury acquitted max harris on manslaughter charges connected to that fire. they could not reach a verdict on derick almena. a retrial for almena could happen next spring. mourners will gather for a new dedication to honor a mother and her young son who died in a hit-and-run in april. they were struck in a cross walk in the fruitvale neighborhood outside a laundromat. the laundromat will dedicate its community room to the victims. san francisco transportation leaders will hold a feedback session tonight on a plan to
5:36 am
reduce lanes along a busy street of streets west of laurel heights. lanes will be cut from 4:00 to 3:00 which is stressed with high traffic and frequent accidents. if all goes as planned the first phase will be ready by next spring. happening today the start of a t new project linking two areas. the 14 acre project will expand across the tunnel and connect the presidio to crissy field. for the first time ever the two areas be linked. work is expected to last two years and cost $210 million. house speaker nancy pelosi will attend today's groundbreaking. those renditions are pretty cool. >> the demolition of the embarcadero and central freeway, the big structures after the earthquake and questionable integrity, this is an ongoing project trying to increase the beauty that we can appreciate.
5:37 am
>> a few years away. the fog is what is the factor right now, that is the case all around the bay. though it's not necessarily ready, we see it on the live camera. 0tails on folks coming down through pleasanton and the build before we get to highway 84. that's where the denser fog, the thicker fog is more of a factor throughout the north bay and county. we're still tracking this traffic alert. one of twoblked. no injuries but it's foggy in this area and is a major commute by heading into novato out of vallejo. all right, monday through friday. >> time for the weekend. >> we have a lot going on this weekend. i mean, from a lot of the festivals going on as well, celebrations.
5:38 am
ice rinks opening. we're going to have some great weather. inland some low 80s and for the coast in the upper 60s. on sunday we're also going to see more sun after morning clouds and fog roll out of here. we're heating up to 80 degrees and 74. you may want to wrap up your weekend in san francisco with musityee the temperatures reaching into the mid-60s and then cooling down to about 57 degrees as that party wraps up. if you're going to the tri-valley this weekend expect sunshine, warm weather up to 80 degrees on pfriday and saturday. we reach the upper 70s. and then if you're looking for somewhere to find fall color you head to the santa cruz mountains as well as up around ukiah and as you go up in elevation going through the sierra. we will see some beautiful fall
5:39 am
foliage. if you're going to the lassen national forest expect it to reach into the 60s. you can get a little bit of the patchy fog colors. expect the high temperatures to reach the upper 70s. thanks, kari. it'39 rht now. a deadly shooting in contra costa county still ahead. the teenager justd in connection. plus, we'll bring you the very latest on the impeachment inquiry from washington. ♪ >> you've probably seen this viral video of a bay area class singing one of lizzo's songs for the first time this morning. the superstar is reacting. we'll tell you what she has to say about all of this love. so, as you can see, saving can be quite simple.
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we're coming up on 5:43. patchy, dense fog across parts of the bay area not looking too bad in palo alto. visibility a little bit lower than normal and we're starting out with cool temperatures and low 50s. a nice day is ahead once this fog clears. we'll talk about this and the weekend in less than five minutes. >> the bay bridge, you have a
5:43 am
backup we can count on. a ten hint delay. we'll talk more coming up. it's 5:43 right now. a 16-year-old is in custody tied to a deadly double shooting in antioch tuesday night. a 17-year-old girl died. a 17-year-old boy is recovering. investigators believe it was tied to a drug deal. authorities arrested the suspect in oakland yesterday. a follow-up on the teacher who wore black face to his milpitas class on halloween. leaders are still trying to decide the best punishment. they held a closed door meeting with parents. the teach eaer was trying to dr as the activist. they believe conversation will help the healing process. >> we talked with student leaders, the black student union
5:44 am
as well as other students, gave them about three hours where we really listens. >> the teacher remains suspended. the superintendent says several discipline options are on the table. >> one person is dead, two others recovering after a shooting outside of a fast food restaurant near san diego. this happened last night at church's chicken near otay mesa. the victims were all employees. the begunman walked in, started shooting and then left. it's still unclear where he is, still on the loose this morning. earlier in the day that same man tried without success to buy food with a fake $100 bill and got into a shouting match. one california restaurant is now saying the recenttages m future. the old republic road house lost power for four days during pg&e's first october shutoffs. then the restaurant closed three days more to clean and sanitize
5:45 am
the kitchen to be up to health codes. the owner says that closure cost the restaurant $70,000. >> it cost us less money to be closed than open at this point. the biggest part is our staff. we let them all go yesterday and that hurt. that was a very painful thing for me to have to do. >> to bring back business officials are pushing a let's go out tonight campaign to encourage shopping at local runts. restaurants. public hearings next week, scott mcgrew? >> the intelligence committee which is leading that public investigation will lead off with this man, william video of taylor going into
5:46 am
closed door testimony last week. we just got the testimony that have closed door testimony, and in it taylor is very clear not only is there quid pro quo for military aid to ukraine but confirms the second quid pro o quo, the head of ukraine had to launch an investigation to get an invitation to the white house. before all of this broke, we wouldn't have known who any of these people are. taylor is there on the left. he's the acting u.s. ambassador to ukraine. gordon sondland to the european union. these are the two guys that had the text message exchange that got this whole impeachment ball rolling. you remember. taylor, are we now saying security assistance and white house meeting are conditioned on investigations? sondland -- call me. sondland said there was no quid pro quo but after people like taylor testified. sondland's memory was refreshed and he revised his testimony.
5:47 am
>> it's lsu versus a pretty good team from alabama. >> he mentions the university of alabama in louisiana. there's a big game between lsu and alabama this weekend. president trump plans to attend that game. the president retweeting a warning from the university of alabama student life organization that worns students going to the game if they're disruptive they may lose their seat at the football game. except the head of the student group has retracted the warning saying students are free to speak their mind. the warning has nothing to do with anyone's first amendment rights and i'm sorry for any confusion. please express yourself in your pride for the tied. follow me on twitter. something else trending this
5:48 am
morning for you this is video you want to share if you haven't seen it. a bay area second grade teacher is making a hit song and turning it into a lesson about school. take a listen to this. >> she has been teaching in pittsburg at the unified school district for six years and every school year she picks a popular song and adds her own twist to the lyrics. this year it was lizzo's "truth hurts." the rapper recompeted the clip with the caption, you're right, this is the best thing i've watched today. >> it's great. the lyrics are sometimes hard to understand. the students are so into it. it says things like if you need help with your homework, just a little bit. >> it helps with the captions under there, too. all the kids are so into it.
5:49 am
>> i love when teachers are creative and make it fun. a shutout. they're great. let's get you ready and out the door for school this morning. we just have to make it to school in this fog. we take san francisco and n zero in the south county so just a heads-up about that and there's a dense fog advisory in effect for parts of napa and sonoma county, visibility about a quarter of a mile. it has improved in concord. it may make that drive a little bit slower and then this picture yesterday morning from sebastipole. i love your weather pictures as you head out. snap your pictures, post them on my page.
5:50 am
us a head out the door for the dublin b.a.r.t. station today it is still cool even with all of the humidity. the low 40s and then reach into the low 70s by early this afternoon. look at our micro climates, at lunch time we're at 73. we are still not seeing a change in this weather pattern. high pressure is keeping the rain to the north of us but looks like it drifts far enough west it allows for some of the rain to make it into the bay area. we could be tracking showers. we look at the seven-day forecast with well above normal temperatures. it cools off from wednesday into the end of next week. heading over to mike, you've been tracking a lot of things from fog to car fires. that's right.
5:51 am
kari, we've had car fires and the smoke blended in with that fog. you'll notice this map shows mostly green on your freeways. that's the good news. the bad news with more traffic coming on and the fog, stick around long enough to register on our index that will be a factor for your morning commute. do use caution. we saw slowing south and i thought it might be fog related or a small crash here, more details shows it's a deadly crash, unfortunately. it is, however, off 680 on pleasant and sunol, winds alongside 680. locally to the area, they'll know you can sometimes avoid the backup on the 680. atio t do that this morning. sounds like a head-on crash north. be careful out there. that will not affect your main commute roadway throughhe portion. san rafael, this dense fog is continuing to roll through so
5:52 am
visibility very tough off highway 101. getting over there may be an issue. if you head from vallejo near atherton, that earlier car fire is a factor and i put that index showing you the dense fog all around the bay. use caution. all really effective. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, lufthansa airlines is canceling around 1,300 flights today because of a planned strike by union representing cabin crew in germany. lufthansa says it's putting together a special flight plan and paser to check flight status on its website.f the big stories we're working on, a man who saved someone's life is honored, pulling him from a b.a.r.t. train at the last second. he was going to be hit. you'll hear from the survivor for the first time.
5:53 am
plus -- >> people carry less and less cash every year. >> a lack of pocket change won't force you to be a grin this much year when you see a salvation army bell ringer. we'll explain the changes.
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5:56 and trending for you this morning people are lining up around the block at the home of singer chris brown. this is near l.a. the reason behind all of this is he's having a yard sale. and today is actually day two i'm sure people are hoping there'sdvertised this on media giving out his home address in the process attracting a ton of people. >> insane, to be honest. such a monumental experience. what other artist would do this. >> and most of the items are high end, tents packed with clothing. >> it's like a flea market. there are tons of tents set up. >> all in his yard. no cash, no problem if you want to help those in need. >> the salvation army is accepting donations through
5:57 am
apple pay and google pay. the group says that change comes because fewer and fewer people carry cash these days. >> folks can come up to the kittle and if they don't have any dollar bills or change in their pocket they can scan the logo here and it opens up to our salvation army website where they can go in and make their donation on their phone. >> it is used for things like food for local pantries giving to people who need it most especially during the holiday season. funding for colleges and universities across the country is at risk. schools are trying to decide if layoffs or program cuts will be needed. a fight is under way over how to fund the institutions. democratic senators are pushing a plan, federal funding expired
5:58 am
last month. some senators are blocking the solution in fire of a permanent plan. it is part of a bigger package for higher education. >> funding has been an essential part of our growth a investment. >> right now hbcus are granted federal funding through the 2019-2020 school year. senate.l for temporary funding >> s first hiv strain in nearly two decades. experts say there's no reason to panic or worry calling it an outlier and saying current treatments are just as effective. scientist says it gives a more complete map how hiv is evolving. >> survivor story. i knew i only had a couple seconds. i heard the train and heard the vibration on the rails coming.
5:59 am
the football fan whose close call with a b.a.r.t. train made national headlines. the big honor for the man who saved him. >> people are dying. we're looking at it very closely. >> vaping ban soon? new reports out that federal rules could be coming. there's confusion, though, about just how far the change would go. >> and chicken recall. the alert across the country including here in california. you'll want to know about it. "today in the bay" continues right now. and a very good thursday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> that b.a.r.t. video, amazing video of the man rescued, literally pull seconds before the train comes. look at that. >> it almost seems like it's too close for come forward there.
6:00 am
in'll hear more on tha happen tonight as well. >> almost zero reaction time. >> it really speaks to his character because a lot of people stand back and don't know


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